Alex is the 8th of 10 siblings and grew up on 1100 North in Pleasant Grove. He learned the value of hard-work at a young age. During high school Alex worked as a welder for Wasatch Ornamental Iron where he realized a love for working with his hands. He then went to work for Ford just before serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. Upon his return he immediately went back to Ford and has worked there ever since, as a master technician.

Alex noticed a beautiful woman surrounded by suitors and knew he wanted to ask her out. It took him two weeks and singing in the choir for him to ask Andra, the choir director, on their first date. She says, "Alex is actually a good singer." They have been together ever since and celebrate being married 11 years. Andra loves that Alex is so caring and thoughtful. The key to their success of raising four wonderful children is to do everything as a team. 

Alex is a people person and gets along with everyone. His skills as a problem solver are visible everyday at his work where he methodically fixes issues with a cool head and a calculated mind. His ability to diagnose problems and quickly find quality solutions is ideal for a city counselor.

Alex and Andra are also small business owners and understand how to work hard. They recognize the blessings and opportunities that Pleasant Grove has provided for their family and want to give back to the community.

He currently serves on the Community Advisory Board for Rep Jon Hawkins and volunteers for the Republican party.

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